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CWA Hall (1953)

110 Main Street


The Lowood branch of the QCWA was formed in September 1927 and its first President was Mrs Frances Mary Findlay.

The first AGM was held on 9 April 1928 at Guthrie's Hall at the Club Hotel.

For many years the CWA held its meetings in various halls around Lowood and stored its goods wherever it could.

 In December 1933 the CWA lost all its possession in the district's largest fire.

Eight buildings in Railway Street were burnt to the ground, including the local picture theatre where the CWA had stored its furniture, library books, crockery, glassware and table linen. 

Just a month earlier the committee had announced plans to build a Rest Room for mothers at the Showgrounds, but following the fire the project was put on hold. 

In 1949 a block of land in Main Street was leased from Qld Railway for the erection of a 'Rest Room'. Fund raising activities included catering for weddings, functions and at property auctions; an annual ball was held at the Jubilee Theatre, and annual street fetes were organised for the sale of handicrafts and cakes.

The building fund grew slowly and the hall was not built until 1953. The first CWA meeting held in its new home was on 18 September and it was officially opened two weeks later. 

These days the CWA Hall is the town's unofficial community hall and is used for functions, community events, fitness classes, public meetings and as the delivery base for Lowood and District Meals On Wheels